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I adopted Sweetie when she was about two years old. As many know adopting a dog can bring problems depending on the dog’s previous experiences, and Sweetie brought along some definite personality issues. First, she would not walk on tile or smooth flooring or walk up open steps or along edges of balconies. Second, she could be afraid and aggressive toward males, particularly male children. These issues had to be dealt with, especially the aggressive behavior.

Before I knew of Tami’s training classes, I took Sweetie to Petco for basic obedient training. It was not a good experience. The training area was an enclosed 12-foot circle with about 5 other dogs, and this was on tiled flooring. Sweetie was afraid of the flooring and timid with the other dogs. She spent 6 lessons sitting in a corner with me watching other dogs walk in a circle. Not beneficial and a waste of money.

I would highly recommend Tami’s basic obedient classes. Here’s why:

There were 6 owners and their dogs in the whole space of the Frazier Park Community Center. Lots of space to keep dogs separate and allow owners to work with their pets. Tami did more than allow plenty of space though. She brought in floor mats for Sweetie to walk on. Each week she and I would lay the mats just slightly farther apart so that Sweetie had to walk on some wooden, smooth flooring. Sweetie improved each week a little bit with her fear of slippery flooring.

Additionally, Tami spent some time walking with Sweetie up and down Mt Pinos, in and out of stores to help socialize Sweetie. Each dog in that class received that kind of undivided attention.

Next, all the dogs were allowed to smell each other-I know, gross but…-and owners handled dogs of other owners’. The result for Sweetie was being able to be around other dogs without cowering, and I do not need to worry about aggressive behavior. Recently, a strange man to Sweetie came into my house and all she did was smell him and allow him to pet her. To finish, she is also good about basic commands. I have a great companion and am very happy with the results of Tami’s classes.


Tami is very knowledgeable about dog behavior. She’s very patient and a great teacher to the human companions. I took my puppy Akiko to her puppy class twice. Akiko took to Tami immediately. Going to puppy class helped me get a good foundation for basic dog obedience. We both enjoyed the classes and I plan to bring Akiko to the next intermediate class 

Joseph & Cheryl

After we adopted our akita Goku and brought him home, I learned quickly that we would

have a long road of training ahead. From day 1 to month 9 of owning him, he would not listen to

anyone, was not at all food motivated, and consistently displayed reckless behavior. He pulled

on his leash as hard as possible, and even with purchasing a front harness and gentle leader,

nothing worked. He was incredibly stubborn, wanting to play and refusing to do anything else.

We even began having issues where he was becoming food aggressive, which had not been a

problem until much later after we had adopted him. I felt hopeless with training him, because the

usual methods that had worked with training other dogs, even modified, were not working

with Goku.

When we contacted Tami about board/train with Goku, I feared that he would be

too difficult for even a professional trainer to handle.

Now, I can confidently say that not only did Tami handle a difficult case like Goku with

grace, but she also showed us that he was able to go much farther than I had thought ever

possible. She identified that part of his leash pulling was due to fear and lack of confidence

when outside, which I had misinterpreted as reckless behavior on his part. She was able to

address his stubborn behavior, getting him to understand when he is supposed to be training

and when he is allowed to play. She even was able to work with the food aggression issues,

which I was most worried about.

During his training, she made sure to keep us updated, texting us regularly and

sending us videos of his progress. When she sent a video showing that Goku was walking

calmly on a loose leash by her side, paying attention to her and even looking up at her face to

listen for cues, I almost could not believe I was watching my own dog. The level of change was

so drastic I watched the video over and over again, shocked at how well behaved he was.

When we met with Tami to receive Goku back, she was incredibly helpful in the

transition process. She was able to concisely explain to us her methodology, and how to take

what she had taught Goku and implement it into our home in a way that was clear and

manageable. Goku was not by any means “done” with training when he came back, which is to

be expected. He was, however, in a state where he was much better behaved and more easily

worked with, especially with Tami’s guidance moving forward. Her training plan is something we

still continue doing to this day, and I thank Tami for making that possible. Her work truly

shines in his behavior every day. Now as his owners we can work to make the changes

permanent. To be in a position where not only I can work with my dog, but understand him as

well, I cannot thank her or recommend her enough.


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